10 Things About Finance I Wish I Learned When I Was Younger

1. Never Co Sign

If the person you co sign for doesn't pay their debts, guess whom has to pay it..You

2. Live Below Your Means

Just because you make more, doesn't mean you should spend more.

3. Pay Yourself First

Put Money In Your Savings before you start spending. If you can do an allotment, even better.

4. Don't Lend Money And Expect It Back

I prefer not to lend money at all, but if you do, don't expect it back.

5. Use Credit Responsibly

With credit cards its easy to spend and hard to pay back. Don't get caught up swiping your card too much.

6. Invest Sooner

Pretty self explanatory. Invest now!

7. Don't Try To Impress People

You can go broke really fast trying to Impress others. Just be yourself. I'd rather look plain and have a nice savings than to look wealthy and have a ton of debt.

8. Make All Payments On Time

Late fees are a waste of money

9. If You Have To Finance It, You Cant Afford It

This is a hard pill to swallow, but its true.

10. Obey The Budget

Whatever you have on your budget, follow it. No unnecessary spending!

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