I Made My First Extra Payment!

$1,000 towards water treatment system

Yep! I did it!!I made my first extra payment towards debt. I've decided to save as much as I can between paydays, and as soon as I see my check pending, I'll pay more towards the debt. I had an extra $800 so I rounded it up to $1,000 and put it towards the water treatment system loan. Although the amount owed is less than my car note, it has a higher interest rate so I'm tackling it first.

I saved the extra money by purging my pantry. I only ate what was already in the house, minus fruits, veggies, and almond milk. As of the date of this post, I've only spent $40 on groceries. I slipped up and purchased cookies and chips but had I not done that, I could have saved more.

I also declined going out to eat with friends. I could have saved more had I not gone out at all, but I'd still like to maintain a social life. Majority of my money usually goes to food. when I'm tired and don't feel like cooking, I usually order Pizza (I know, I know, its not healthy. I consider it a cheat meal)

I also made $392 from my side hustle which I will have to blog about at a later date.

I am now $15,000+ in debt.

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