3 Ways I Save Money On My Monthly Cell Phone Bill

Let me start by saving that I have AT&T, so I don't know how the other phone services work, but the things I did can apply to you as well.

the first thing I did was login and analyze my bill, I looked at fees, taxes, etc. it added up to $108.81 monthly.

1.) I updated my place of primary use.

AT&T states online:

"This must be the home or business address where you use your wireless device the most. We use this address to determine your tax rates"

my place of primary use was my original apartment address I was living at when I got my plan. the tax rate for that city was 8.75%. when I changed it to the new city I lived in, my tax rate was 7.50%

2.) I Linked my Plenti account to my AT&T account.

Plenti is the rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another all with a single card.

AT&T states online;

-Have Paperless billing and AutoPay? Earn 50 Plenti points per month for each eligible wireless line (up to 6 lines) plus an additional 100 Plenti points per month for AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet and 100 Plenti points per month for DIRECTV or U-verse TV. You must link your Plenti card to your myAT&T wireless account to earn Plenti points.Exclusions and restrictions apply.

-Earn 1 Plenti point per $2 spent on eligible devices, accessories, and other products at att.com or at participating AT&T company-owned locations

Sadly I got an email October of 2017 stating that Plenti will be ending their partnership with AT&T

3.) I joined the National Consumer Panel (NCP)

by being an active member of the national consumer panel I receive 25% off my AT&T bill. That sure beats the 15% my employer offered.

4.) I almost got a Non smart phone.

I noticed on my bill that I was being charged $40 monthly for having a smart phone, and that's on top of my regular phone plan. I considered getting a non smart phone and seeing how much different my bill would be. when I called and inquired, my $40 fee went down to a $20 fee. of course you can get a non smart phone and save that $20 as well.

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