4 Must Have Products For Birth to 7 Months That Made Life Easier

I wish I began this from birth but I will have to back track. When I found out that I was becoming a mom, I saw advertisements for all kind of products, saying that I needed it. Well, being on a budget, I wasn't at liberty to buy every single thing I was told that I "needed" Now I'm not going to sit here and list things such as clothes, diapers, food, etc. But here are my must have products from birth to 7 months (my son's age at the time of this post)

#1. Without a doubt a baby carrier is my number one recommended product!! I chose one by Infantino because it was on clearance and then there was a sale. baby carriers come in handy big time!! especially while out and about.

#2. Diaper Genie, Its very convenient to have it right next to the changing table. I got it in a quarter auction for $7.00 so that's a #FrugalMomWin

#3. Teething toys, you can never have enough teething toys. My personal favorite are the toothbrush teethers. I also put them in the freezer.

#4.Sili-Stick table topper, although I didn't find this gem until my son was 7 months, it makes clean up after feeding SO MUCH EASIER!

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