4 ways I Save Money on Beauty

This is just what I do. it may or may not work for you depending on your needs.

1.) I went back to my hairs natural state. I had a relaxer for years and every six weeks I'd go to a salon to get a new relaxer applied to my hair. If I had it done at home I still had to pay for the cost of the relaxer. I also trim my own ends.

2.) In San Diego I got my eyebrows threaded once a month on average. In between threading sessions I would tweeze stray hairs. Since I moved, I purchased an eyebrow styling kit for $10 on amazon, and have been styling my own eyebrows. sometimes I don't even touch them for a while unless I'm taking professional photos.

3.) The only make up I will wear, whenever I do decide to wear it, is lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara.

4.) I use minimal products on my face and skin. I'd say 4 products total. I was the type of person who had multiple face washes, lotions, etc.

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