7 Apps That Actually Pay (With Payment Proof)

I wouldn’t recommend something that I personally haven’t tried, so I decided to provide payment proof for my go to apps. (this post contains affiliate links)

1.) Ibotta

I use Ibotta when shopping online (mainly Amazon), and when buying groceries. Most of the rebates are for conventional foods but occasionally they’ll be rebates I can redeem. Most of my earnings come from shopping online though. Payment is through gift cards, Venmo or PayPal.

2.) Dscout

Dscout has been good to me in a short time. Most of my earnings were from April and I haven’t been getting selected for studies for a while now. You basically apply to voice your opinion on a specific topic. It does include recording videos of yourself speaking so it may not be for everyone. Payment is with PayPal.

3.) Product Tube

I could be making a lot more with product tube but I only do the market research studies that don’t require me to leave the house. There are many that require you to record a video in store. With two children, I’m not doing that. Payment is on amazon gift card.

4.) Qbit

As you can see, I just started using Qbit in May. July shows $0 because the month isn’t over yet. I voice my opinions between two products and discuss which I chose and why (voice recording) it’s not a lot of money but it adds up. Payment is through PayPal.

5.)Surveys On The Go

This app has been very slow for me to earn with. surveys Get sent to me at random times and if I don’t qualify for a survey, I get 10 cents. Payment is with PayPal, amazon gift card, visa gift card, or Starbucks gift card. Minimum $10 to cash out.

6.) Drop

I earn points with no effort at Target and Starbucks Because I connected my bank card. There’s also other stores you can earn at but you have to go through the app first before visiting the website. although I like to redeem my points for amazon gift cards, there are many gift cards you can redeem points for.

7.) Toluna

I answer quick polls and take surveys and get points which I redeem for gift cards. My favorite is target, but there are more to choose from.

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