A Letter To The Grandparent That Doesn't Want To Be Apart Of My Life

Today I was researching my ancestry and I came across your name. I performed a search which showed an old address that you lived at and a phone number you may or may not still have. I opened my cellphone and began to type in your area code. Then I stared at my phone for a bit and then put it down. Many questions came to mind such as why you never came around even though we lived in the same city. Do you even know my name? You are my last living grandparent and I don't even know you. I didn't call your number because I feel like If you wanted to have a relationship with your grandchildren, then you would have so why should I force it? I honestly wouldn't even know what to say to you over the phone.

I know that I have met you at least twice in my life yet I have no memory of what you look like. I want you to know that even though it hurts to not have a relationship with my last living grandparent, I forgive you. If there was something that I or my parents did, I'm sorry. I think that you still talk to my dad but I'm not sure how often. I wonder if you even ask about us. Do you even know that you have two great grand children? I just don't understand how you can know that you have grandchildren and not want to be a part of their lives.

I wanted to know your parents names and a little about them so that I can continue to search my ancestry but I will find the information I need without you.

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