A Series Of Misfortunate Events

Whew I needed some time to recover but I have to tell you. You may laugh and thats okay.

This is a continuation of this post.

So the day we moved from the $84 a night hotel to the $401.35 a week hotel it was raining. After the first load the kids and I stayed in the hotel room so my husband could remove the carseats and have extra room. Our son was thirsty so I gave him his cup but there was only a little bit left in his cup so I texted my husband to let him know we needed water. He came with the second load which included the dogs. They were wet and tracking the floor with footprints so I had to keep the kids off of the floor so they wouldn't slip and get hurt. He would bring the items to the door and I would grab them and place them somewhere in the room. He didn't bring water this time but said that he would with the next load.

About 30 minutes later my son is asking for water repeatedly. I texted my husband again to remind him. He kept asking and the last thing I wanted to do is give him tap water. So I breastfed him. About 40 minutes later my husband returns with the last load and four gallons of spring water. He put them on top of the table and I filled our sons cup with one of them. After the car was mostly unloaded he came in to relax.

I don't even think he was laying down 5 minutes when BOOM! Our daughter knocks over one of the gallons and it busted open. I instantly remove the other gallons from the table and my husband goes for the towels. These towels were so pathetic. The towels at the previous hotel were thick and 1 would have cleaned up that mess. We literally had to use all but 2 towels to clean up the mess. I think there were 6 towels total.

I feel the need to mention that the week prior one of our dogs got worms and had an ear problem so my husband took him to the vet which costed us $279. For some reason our cat had begun to not only poop and pee right infront of her litter box, but she would drag litter along with it. We found fleas on our other dog but I killed them with cedarwood oil in a bath, which saved us money on flea solutions. Also for some reason both dogs had diarrhea.

Now back to the night we moved,

After cleaning up our daughter's mess, The dog that had the worms threw up. Not once, but twice. We didn't have papertowels so we had to clean it up with baby wipes. When I was on the toilet our cat came up to me and I discovered that she had fleas. I only had a little bit of cedarwood oil left so I told my husband she needed a bath. I can't remember what he said but I didn't appreciate his tone so I walked out of the bathroom and told him that I won'tbe assiting him if he's going to be like that. He bathed her alone but I don't think that amount of oil was enough. Nor did I give him instructions so he could have used the oil wrong but I digress.

The move had to have affected the kids because the whining and tantrums were in full effect. Things started to wind down and we got something to eat, and relaxed the rest of the night for the most part.

The next morning we were awaken by the smell of a steaming pile of dog diarrea. We didn't have paper towels so we used the packaging from a product to scoop it up and put it into the trashcan then I cleaned the remaining with toilet paper and baby wipes. My husband had to go to work in a few hours so we went back to sleep.

When I woke up and the kids were still asleep so I decided to take a bath. Remember when I told you that we had 2 towels left? Well what I thought was a towel was a floor mat. Which was just as pathetic as the towels.


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