Back On My Debt Free Journey!

I don't know what lit my fire again but I've decided to get back into my financial independence journey. I'm going on terminal leave next week and will have a lot of extra time on my hands so I've decided to start a few side hustles around my toddler's schedule. I'm also researching a source of income that can be earned from home once baby is born. My husband will be back from deployment thankfully. So if I do want to do something outside of the house, I can do it when he's not working.

In April of 2018 I was at $16,000. I made a few not so wise decisions with my credit card and my balance was nearly $4,000 which I have paid down to $86 this month. My current debt amount is $10,000. To help pay it down faster I have set up weekly payments on my car loan while I still have a solid income. After that I intend on changing it back to bi weekly payments or lessening the amount of the extra payments. That also helps with interest because I currently get charged $0.65 daily.

I cancelled Amazon prime to minimize the online shopping. Amazon makes it so easy to spend money. I thought if I removed my credit card from the account that I would refrain from making unnecessary purchases, I did shop less using my debit card but I still bought things I didn't really need. I realized that I can still use subscribe and save to have my pet food shipped to my house without paying shipping.

I spend a great deal of time at my laptop at the kitchen table so I removed all but one light bulb from the ceiling lamp. That way I use less energy and only light up the area that I need.

I began selling items around the house on eBay. I also learned that you save a little by purchasing the shipping labels through eBay.

I also cancelled my Brandless membership. That $36 will be applied toward lowering debt.

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