DIY Breastmilk Soap Without Lye

I think every nursing mother knows the magic that breastmilk is. I once got rid of a rash that was all over my son's body after seeing two different doctors and neither of them could tell me what it was. I chose to avoid lye not only because that would be an added ingredient to purchase, but lye burns when mixed with breastmilk.

supplies needed:

My Homemade Breast Milk Soap

1.) Silicone soap mold

I purchased mine from amazon but you can really use whatever container you'd like for the desired soap shape.

2.) Soap base

I specifically chose shea butter because its my favorite

3.) 8oz of Breast milk

So I saw a recipe that involved microwaving the soap base but when I did that I made a huge mess, and the base dried so fast that i could not properly mix it. So here is what I did.

I took a small pot and I melted the soap base. Chopping it up helps it melt faster but watch it carefully so it doesn't bubble over.

Next I poured in room temperature breast milk. I lowered the stove heat and stirred it thoroughly.

next i simply poured it into the mold and let it sit. I have mama brain so I forgot about it but I would say it was solid about 2 hours after pouring.

you can add honey for added moisture, sugar or coffee grounds for exfoliation, essential oils for fragrance, etc. Its your milk and your soap, make it how you like.

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