How I Purged My Pantry

Being an ex-extreme couponer I grew accustomed to having a full pantry. My pantry isn't as full as it was back then but I still have a bad habit of buying too much. I find myself falling victim to marketing tactics and buying way more than I need, only to let it expire.(insert facepalm emoji here)

With the encouragement of others, I decided that I would do a pantry purge and I'd change my shopping habits as well.

Step 1 is to get rid of expired items.

I started with the refrigerator (which I call the ice box) I'm a bit embarrassed but I had so much food that went bad. There were even food in containers that we were supposed to take to work for lunch. Thankfully most of it didn't go to waste because I threw it in my compost bin.

It only took me about 10 minutes to finish the fridge then I moved onto the pantry then I moved to the pantry. It wasnt as bad as I thought it was. There were a few empty boxes in there and about two cans of expired beans. I realized that I had an abundance of pasta so I knew spaghetti was in my future.

Step 2 is to eat everything before buying again

With the abundance of pasta I had to find ways to be creative. I allowed myself to purchase a few perishable items such as almond milk, fruits and veggies. Supercook made things alot easier. You simply list what ingredients you have, and the site will provide recipe choices.

Step 3 is to commit

I can't tell you how many times I wanted to say screw it and order pizza. It was like a war was going on in my head. Part of me wanted to eat out, but the other part of me would remind myself that the $30+ dollars I would spend could go towards debt.

It was alot harder than I thought It would be but it was well worth it. Its amazing how much we pay for convenience.

Step 4 is to remember the spices! I dont know why we had so many bottles of parsley, but we did. There were multiples of certain spices, and many expired. It felt so good to free up the extra space in the cabinet.

As far as shopping habits, from this point forward I only intend to buy what I need and not fall for marketing tactics designed to make me purchase more.

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