How I Save Money On Airport Parking

Parking at the airport can be expensive ranging from $10-$20 if you're lucky. I've heard of people paying more.

When we moved to Lemoore the nearest airport was in Fresno which was 45 minutes away. People don't really do Uber and Lyft here unless its the weekend, and even then there is one to two drivers on the road. I didn't want to take a taxi because if Uber was around $40 then a taxi would probably be almost $100. not only that but they could only pick me up at the front gate of the base. My flight was early and my husband had to work so I knew he couldn't drop me off at the airport. I was returning on a weekend so I knew I'd have a ride back. I knew that there had to be another way so I began to do research. I then discovered All you have to do is enter which airport and your travel dates and it will list affordable parking options. I found parking at two nearby hotels for only $3 a day. once you park, you board a free shuttle that takes you to the airport, and when you return, you call the number on your receipt and a shuttle will pick you up and take you back to your car. There was a fee for $6.50 but that's nothing to me.

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