How We Got Back In Debt

My husband got orders out of state and they were unaccompanied so I planned on living with my family until my husband got orders that included us. We started the process of getting our home rented and about 2 to 3 weeks before he was supposed to leave, his orders got changed to include the family so we adjusted our plans and decided to buy a home in our new location. My husbands car stopped working well so he had to get a rental vehicle. My father in law came to town to visit and he and my husband went to a motorcycle dealership and short story short, My husband traded in his motorcycle that was paid off to get a new motorcycle on a loan. We borrowed from our insurance policy to cover the cost of getting the house rent ready and so we'd have extra money in case we ran into issues while on the road. The good thing is that even though we borrowed from our policy, It continues to earn compound interest. If you'd like to learn how to have your own. I highly recommend this course and books. They truly changed my life.

We started our road trip at the beginning of September and after visiting family and friends arrived at our new location. The military only covered the first 15 days of our hotel stay. We still had work that needed to be done in the house and thankfully our property manager was making sure things got done but we had no renters so we were paying for the hotel room and our mortgage. Back in May I decided to publish a children's book and paid a $1,000 deposit with $2,000 due upon completion. I know I could have done everything myself but with little time on my hands I figured if I was better to pay someone else to do it otherwise It would take me years to complete it on my own. The property manager got our house rented so we needed to get my husband's car transported to our new location which was about $1300. I accumulated about $4,000 on my credit card and my husband accumulated about $7000.

The home we were buying had high levels of radon in the water so the seller gave us a credit of $1400 to get it repaired. I decided that I was going to put that on my credit card immediately after closing. I'm not sure why he didn't notify the person in the unit that we were moving in but he waited until after the appraisal was complete to tell the person which meant that we had to give the person 30 days to move. At $84 a night our hotel was becoming quite expensive, so we decided to move. We actually almost got scammed.

There was a whole house for rent for $890. To save you all of the details, I recognized some red flags in the scammers language, I found two listings for the house on Airbnb with different prices and I found the house on both Zillow and Realtor for $9,000 a month. On Airbnb the property was already booked for the first week of November when the scammer told us that it was available. I asked to see the property to make sure it was child proof and when the scammer messaged back saying that I could drive by it and see it, we decided to no longer respond. The person did message back and say that someone else was interested in renting the home and that if we wanted it, we had to Venmo the money so the scammer could figure out a time to give us the keys.

After that encounter we decided to move to a hotel that was listed at about $400 a week. I said about $400 because of the pet fee. I'd rather over estimate than to under estimate. We move in this weekend. Which will be interesting because we have all of the items that were in the rental vehicle and the items that were in my car, But we only have my car now.

So to recap

$1400 water resolution

$2,000 book publisher

$4,000 Credit card

$5,000 insurance policy

$7,000 Credit card

Roughly $19,400

I'm not worried about my husband's vehicles until we pay off these debts but cheers to another debt journey.

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