How We Saved Money After a Major BAH decrease

My husband and I were stationed in San Diego,CA before we got our orders to Lemoore, CA. In 2017 combined we made $4350 a month, after the move we made a combined amount of $2013 a month, and $1062 was automatically taken out for military housing. we decided to give military housing a try because we would be close to work, it would minimize the frequency of us getting gas, and we would be closer to all of the amenities of base.

The first thing we did was combine our auto insurance policies. separately we paid a combined $193.54, once we combined the policies our new monthly payment was $128.36. MONTHLY TOTAL SAVED= $65.18

Next we evaluated unnecessary things we were spending money on such a bark box subscription ($20/ month) a run tracker app ($5.99), an extra Amazon Prime account ($99/ year) MONTHLY TOTAL SAVED= $34.24

For Amazon, I switched from a regular prime membership ($99) to a Amazon student account ($49) MONTHLY TOTAL SAVED= $4.16

I'm sure you've heard it before, and they are right, CUT THE CORD! I had a promotion where I had the most basic cable package for $30.00 a month, plus taxes which included a $3.16 regional sports fee, AND WE DONT EVEN WATCH SPORTS! MONTHLY TOTAL SAVED $37.16

Compare internet services. we were paying a total of $57.00 a month for internet but when we switched, our bill became $40.13 MONTHLY TOTAL SAVED= $16.87

I refinanced my car. not only did I get a lower interest rate, I also lowered my payment from $397 to $283. MONTHLY TOTAL SAVED=$114

As much as I didn't want to, I cancelled my $14.95 audible membership. luckily I still had access to my purchased audio books. MONTHLY TOTAL SAVED= $14.95

Impulse buys were also a cause for unnecessary spending. to prevent impulse buys, we committed to shopping online majority of the time. I started shopping for non perishables at online health and wellness store.I had a warehouse club membership until November so I decided to purchase our toilet paper online and have it shipped to our home.

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