I Manifested My Current Life

I'm honestly not exactly sure how but I did. I always dreamed of having a husband that would treat me right. I also dreampt that I would have one boy and one girl.

I was previously married and miserable, before I was even divorced I jumped into another relationship. That person treated me better than my ex husband until I went on my last deployment. After I returned from deployment I decided to be single and work on myself. I was absolutely not looking for anyone but my current husband came Into my life and is truly the best. Fast forward to when I was pregnant with our first child. I claimed it to be a boy and bought a few boy themed clothes and began thinking of boy names. Sure enough we got the conformation that he was a boy. When I was pregnant with our second child I did the exact same thing and got the confirmation that she was a girl. Before I even met my husband, when I talked about getting out of the military I never mentioned depending on a job. I planned on attending college and building my dog daycare business. Now my passion has changed, but I am currently attending college and building my business.

I am more aware of my power and am now being more intentional with my manifestations. I know what the next decade has in store for my family and I am both excited and nervous(in a good way)😁.

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