Are Raising Chickens Really Worth It?

Its been almost a month since we rehomed our chickens and I must admit that I do miss them. We had them since they were about 3 days old. With us trying to eat as healthy as possible, we fed them organic food which was 24.99 a bag. We also fed them scraps from our produce, and Non GMO mealworms which were about $20 a bag. A bag of food would last a month and the mealworms would last a few months if used sparingly. Their water bowl was automatic and hooked to the hose, which we could never get to stop leaking, so no telling how much more having them added to the water bill. In the spring and summer they produced an abundance of eggs and in winter they produced nearly none. Last winter I even had to purchase a carton of eggs. 🤭 We tried posting the eggs for sale but no one contacted us so we ended Up giving away the excess eggs to friends.

long story short, $4.99 a month for a carton or two of eggs is a lot cheaper than the cost of raising chickens. They were fun and definitely an awesome experience to have, but we knew eventually that with my husband being in the military, we would eventually have to say goodbye to them. The perfect time to say goodbye was before winter began and they stopped producing eggs. That just freed up money in our budget and now we don’t have to worry about stressing to find them a home when my husband receives orders.

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