January 2019 Recap

I've decided that each month I will list the extra income I made and applied towards debt.

1. I received an unexpected check in the mail for $49.26

2. I made $40.00 testing apps on the Imoney app

3. I made $330.00 selling items I wasn't using on eBay. (they took $43 in seller fees)

4. I made $100 on dcout

5. I found $15.15 available for withdrawal on my Robinhood account.

6. I made $1.61 testing apps on the Quick Surveys app.( was supposed to be $2 but they charged a Paypal fee.

7. I made $139.66 working for Yardi Matrix. (unfortunately my assignment is over)

8. I made $41.50 trading in a gift card I wasn't going to use on cardcash.com

9. I made $24.48 selling books I had around the house on Decluttr.

10. I made $17.14 selling a gift card on Raise.com

11. I made $0.57 with the Qmee app( NOT worth the time at all)

In total I made $716.37 which I applied to my Home Depot Loan. I had an extra $456.38 available in my account so in total I applied $1,172.75 towards debt.

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