3 Things I Discovered During My January Budget Analysis

Friday I received my DD- 214 which was a very exciting day. I can finally be a stay at home mom. Which also means that the steady income I've had for the past 9 years would soon come to a halt. The next Monday I decided to analyze my bank statement to see where I could cut costs.

I noticed there was a charge for $59.24 from Chewy.com on my credit card so I visited the website to see more details. By the way, I forgot to mention that we had chickens. I had 2 bags of organic layer feed and a bag of treats on auto ship every 6 weeks. The first thing I did was remove the bag of treats because its not a necessity. We feed them fruit and veggie scraps as a treat as well. With Chewy.com you have to spend $49 to get free shipping so I decided I would look elsewhere. I went to Tractorsupply.com and saw a 40 lb bag of organic feed for $22.49. I looked at my auto ship and I've been paying $23.74 per 25 lb bag. Shipping is $12.20 on tractor supply but its still cheaper than Chewy.com. The prices also fluctuate on Chewy.com but the highest I've paid for the subscription was $60.30. Being pregnant I'm not supposed to lift that weight but I will remove the food from the box and place it in my wagon and roll it to the backyard. It should only be for one shipment since I have 2 bags shipping soon from Chewy. Once my husband returns from deployment we can pick it up in store and save that $12.20. They also have a $49 limit for free shipping as well. There is also 1% cashback at Tractor Supply through Ebates and 2% cash back with Swagbucks. I prefer Ebates because the payout is quicker, but in the case I went through Swagbucks.

Additional amount towards debt = $24.55

I noticed a charge from Godaddy.com for $59.88. When I called about it I discovered it was a renewal for a product I never activated. I received a refund thankfully.

I had a monthly charge for a total of $149.62 going towards a network marketing company. A portion of that was a charity donation. As much as I love the products, I really have to focus on this debt free journey so I cancelled it for the time being.

The rest of the charges were from Amazon. It was so much easier to charge my card knowing I could pay it later so I removed my credit card from the Amazon account.

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