One Year Plant Based!

I'm not going to lie, I kinda forgot I had a blog, but I really want to rebrand it. But I'm not sure what to call it yet so i'll leave it as is for now.

last year we lived in hotels for 2 months. The first hotel had a kitchen so we were cooking to save money, we ended up moving to another hotel that did not have a kitchen so we pretty much ate fast food daily. rarely is there vegetables or fruit with fast food so we barely ate any. At one point I had a migraine so severe that I called 911. At the time I hadn't considered that my diet would have been a factor in the severe migraine but now I am.

I tried going vegan in the past after watching the documentary What the health but failed after a few days. I had a friend visit and we went out to eat BBQ, after that I never tried again. This time was different. I felt called to stop eating animals. That and my skin was pretty bad. I would wake up with dry patches all over my face, and there were small bumps on my cheeks. I never saw a doctor about it but I knew it was what I was eating.

I decided to look into how many cows were slaughtered a day, and saw that Mcdonalds sold 75 hamburgers a day in 2011. with all of the locations they have, and that's not including other restaurants, something wasn't adding up to me. I then watched a documentary called Dominion after seeing a lady on TikTok dressed in a cow costume holding a sign to watch it. That's when I realized that animals were sentient beings. After that It just didn't feel right for me to eat them anymore.

Thankfully my kids were still young so it was pretty easy to transition them. I can't tell you how many times I've made vegan nuggets. lol One of my kids is a picky eater and I feel so much better about them eating plant based nuggets over animal based nuggets.

I stopped calling it meat and began to say dead animals to help me drive the point home for me. I also tell my children the truth. When I was a kid I had no idea what I was actually eating. I'm not sure at what point I realized I was eating animals but I recall seeing a billboard years ago that had the animals that people eat as well as the animals people keep as pets on it and the billboard said where do you draw the line.

My first week was not fun but I was determined. As the weeks and months passed I got better and better. I tried so many new spices and different ingredients. It has been so fun and being plant based is now a lifestyle. Happy cow has definitely been a helpful app when eating out. Whenever I found myself discouraged I would look at my countdown app and celebrate how many days I had made it without eating animals.

Cheers to one year!

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