Saving Money through Facebook Groups

Did you know that there are groups available in your area that can help you save money on things you need? If they aren't in your area, create them. It may take some time, but people will join. Everyone loves to save. These are the types of groups I've discovered;

1.) Quarter Auctions

This type of group is where people post things they would like to auction off. auctions last 48 hours and bids must be in quarter increments. ex: .25, .50, .75, 1.00.

2.) Curb Alerts/ Free Stuff

This type of group is where people post things that they have put outside on their curb that they don't want, and don't feel like selling. Most items will need to be cleaned but its still a great resource.

3.) Baby, Maternity, Toy Resale, Etc

This type of group is where you can get items pertaining to a specific subject.

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