The Perks Of Living On Base

I served 7 years in the US Navy before I ever considered living in on base housing. In some areas it may not be worth it but in areas where the cost of living is low, it may be worth it. This may vary from base to base, however this is based on my personal experience.

#1. being close to everything = not having to fill up on gas very often.

#2. being able to go home on lunch and relax

#3. being close to home in case you need to turn around because you forgot something.

#4. not having to pay a utility bill (unless you use too much)

#5. the RECP program = getting checks for saving energy.

#6. rent automatically coming from your check.

#7. gym on base= no paying for gym memberships

I moved off of base 8 months later for various reasons but the main reason is because I felt like I NEVER left work.

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