To Be Or Not To Be...Debt Free That Is.

It's been said that sometimes you take a 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. That would basically describe the past few months.

If you read my previous two posts about all of the crap that has been happening, I feel the need to add that our cat is no longer with us. She would meow at the door to go outside and she would stay gone all night and return in the morning to come back inside. This occured for about 2 weeks before she didn't return.

I put the title as is because a part of me wants to be debt free, and a part of me just wants to just focus on increasing cash flow. I was so headstrong on becoming debt free when I was following Dave Ramsey. Once I got to baby step 4, I realized how limited his investment advice was. That and the attitude of the community members for the most part was toxic. I think Dave Ramsey's advice is great to get poor people to think differently about money and it served me well when I needed it.

My current focus is increasing cash flow. I will own an asset that pays for every single of of my bills. (Speaking it into existence🥰) Although the past year has been challenging, I've grown so much. I have learned so much and have been applying it. I am both excited and nervous about what's to come. With everything that's been happening I just know we are about to be blessed beyond what we can fathom. 4 years from now I'll look back on these moments and understand why they had to happen. Everything that happened taught me something and changed the way I do things. That I'm sure will come in handy.

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