Why I'm No Longer an "Extreme Couponer"

I was looking through my memories for a photo of my old stockpile but couldn't find it. If I eventually do, I'll add it and delete this sentence 😅

From 2011-2014 I was an extreme couponer, I even got diapers for free even though I didn't even have my first kid until 2017. I had years worth of toothpaste, bodywash, shampoo, hand soap, you name it. When I went on deployment in 2014, my ex husband destroyed my apartment and my stockpile was completely gone. I'm very certain that he sold it for money to buy whatever drug he was addicted to at the time.

When I returned from deployment, I was later introduced to a company called Melalueca which made me realize how toxic majority of the products we use were.. I loved Melalueca's products until I watched a documentary called "Stink" and learned about the ingredient fragrance. In my opinion, their products are still better than 90% of what you'd buy in stores but I can't get jiggy with the fragrance. Yes I also don't wear perfume, it's the worst.

I now spend way more money on non toxic products/make my own. To me the time and research that goes into reading ingredients and shopping around kinda gives me the same feeling that searching for coupons used to give.

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